CPT Testing, Ascot

In-situ Static Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) was undertaken at a 7.5 hectare site in Berkshire for a proposed 87-bed care home and 50 sheltered flats.

The CPT testing was undertaken following an initial cable percussive borehole and trial pit investigation, to provide additional shear strength parameters and a continuous strength/ strata profile of the ground with depth, to improve the data set, allowing foundations to be designed appropriately and economically.

21 No. CPTs were carried out over the course of one day, providing a relatively quick and economic method of obtaining additional geotechnical information over a relatively large area. In addition, minimal disturbance was caused to the site, which was still in use as an existing care home at the time of the investigation, as no arisings/ spoil is produced by CPT testing.

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CPT Testing, Ascot image

CPT Testing, Ascot image