Case Studies

  • Geotechnical Monitoring, Torbay

    A digital tape extensometer was used to undertake geotechnical monitoring to ensure the safe demolition of a property that had suffered severe structural damage following a large-scale more
    Geotechnical Monitoring, Torbay imageGeotechnical Monitoring, Torbay image
  • Cliff Stability Assessment, North Devon

    A private boat was chartered as part of the assessment of a stability of a property near to the edge of a cliff.The boat allowed the observation and inspection of the structure of the cliff more
    Cliff Stability Assessment, North Devon imageCliff Stability Assessment, North Devon image
  • Landslide Assessment, East Devon

    Ruddlesden geotechnical were called to site, following a prolonged period of uncharacteristically intense rainfall, to assess the likely cause and ongoing stability of a recent more
    Landslide Assessment, East Devon imageLandslide Assessment, East Devon image
  • Freeport of Monrovia, Liberia, Africa

    A 600-metre quay wall is to be built as part of the modernisation of the Monrovia container terminal.Ruddlesden geotechnical carried out geotechnical laboratory testing to classify more
    Freeport of Monrovia, Liberia, Africa imageFreeport of Monrovia, Liberia, Africa image
  • CPT Testing, Ascot

    In-situ Static Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) was undertaken at a 7.5 hectare site in Berkshire for a proposed 87-bed care home and 50 sheltered flats.The CPT testing was undertaken more
    CPT Testing, Ascot imageCPT Testing, Ascot image
  • Geophysical Survey, Torbay

    A geophysical survey was undertaken to assist in the design of highway soakaways that were to be adopted by the local authority.Previous trial pitting and trenching undertaken by Ruddlesden more
    Geophysical Survey, Torbay imageGeophysical Survey, Torbay image
  • Plate Bearing Tests for Wind Turbines

    Across Devon and Cornwall, in-situ plate bearing tests have been undertaken prior to the construction of individual wind turbines, commonly constructed for agricultural properties.The plate more
    Plate Bearing Tests for Wind Turbines imagePlate Bearing Tests for Wind Turbines image
  • Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Parks

    Geotechnical investigations have been undertaken at many sites across the United Kingdom for new photovoltaic (PV) solar parks.Generally between 10 and 15 hectares in size, geotechnical more
    Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Parks imagePhotovoltaic (PV) Solar Parks image
  • Conversion of Existing Retail Units

    Across the whole of the country, many ground investigations have been undertaken for the conversion of existing retail units, for the construction of mezzanine floors, lift pits, more
    Conversion of Existing Retail Units imageConversion of Existing Retail Units image
  • New Police Helicopter Facility

    Adjacent to the main airport runway, a full geotechnical and contamination investigation was undertaken for a new police helicopter facility.The investigation included trial pits, window more
    New Police Helicopter Facility imageNew Police Helicopter Facility image
  • Potential Anthrax Investigation

    A burial pit of a pig and its piglets, all reportledy with anthrax, was present on a site that was to be residentially developed.Following detailed and rigorous risk assessments and more
    Potential Anthrax Investigation imagePotential Anthrax Investigation image
  • Cliff Stability Assessment

    A decommissioned lighthouse, together with an associated 6.6 hectares of cliff and coastline, was to be sold. As part of a pre-purchase review of the property, a geotechnical more
    Cliff Stability Assessment imageCliff Stability Assessment image
  • Old Station and Tar Works Contamination Assessment

    A multi-phase contamination investigation was undertaken by Ruddlesden geotechnical ltd, as part of a proposed residential redevelopment of a former Railway Station and Bitumen Emulsion more
    Old Station and Tar Works Contamination Assessment imageOld Station and Tar Works Contamination Assessment image
  • Wind Turbine Farm, South Wales

    A coal mining ground investigation was undertaken for a proposed wind farm development within the South Wales Coalfield, in an area where extensive mining is known to have taken place more
    Wind Turbine Farm, South Wales imageWind Turbine Farm, South Wales image
  • Wind Turbine Farm, Mid Devon

    Since signing up to the EU Renewable Energy Directive, the UK has adopted a target of 15% of energy from renewable sources by 2020.Further to this, Ruddlesden geotechnical ltd were more
    Wind Turbine Farm, Mid Devon imageWind Turbine Farm, Mid Devon image
  • Exeter Cathedral

    In-situ California Bearing Ratio (CBR) tests were carried out by Ruddlesden geotechnical to provide information for pavement design, as part of the improvements to the Green at Exeter more
    Exeter Cathedral imageExeter Cathedral image
  • Subsidence Investigations, Torbay

    Structural surveys identified evidence of movement for several properties in Paignton and Torquay.Before any remedial work could be undertaken, the reason(s) for the movement more
    Subsidence Investigations, Torbay imageSubsidence Investigations, Torbay image
  • New School, Cornwall

    Old Ordnance Survey maps showed the site to have remained undeveloped from first edition maps (1881) until the present day and to have been in use as playing fields associated with an more
    New School, Cornwall imageNew School, Cornwall image
  • In–Situ CBR and Plate Bearing Testing, Dorset

    For the 2012 Olympics, the site was being redeveloped as part of the regeneration of the area. The client required California Bearing Ratio (CBR) values for use in road pavement more
    In–Situ CBR and Plate Bearing Testing, Dorset imageIn–Situ CBR and Plate Bearing Testing, Dorset image
  • Residential Redevelopment, Staffordshire

    On behalf of a housing association, rarely used garages are to be demolished and replaced by flats and houses. A combined Phase 1 Assessment and Phase 2 Intrusive Site Investigation was more
    Residential Redevelopment, Staffordshire imageResidential Redevelopment, Staffordshire image
  • Residential Redevelopment, Cornwall

    A mining report obtained as part of the Phase 1 Assessment identifed the site to be at risk from a mineral lode. Trial trenches later identified that no mining-related features were present more
    Residential Redevelopment, Cornwall imageResidential Redevelopment, Cornwall image
  • New Industrial Unit, Wiltshire

    A trial pit and dynamic probe site investigation with in-situ soakaway testing (carried out in accordance with BRE 365) was carried out.Pad foundations and a ground bearing slab were more
    New Industrial Unit, Wiltshire imageNew Industrial Unit, Wiltshire image
  • Single Large Residential Dwelling, Hertfordshire

    The geological maps studied as part of the Phase 1 Assessment indicated that weak ground conditions were likley to be present. Therefore, a Phase 2 intrusive site investigation more
    Single Large Residential Dwelling, Hertfordshire imageSingle Large Residential Dwelling, Hertfordshire image
  • Bespoke Residential Redevelopment, South Devon

    Despite difficult access, a thorough coverage of information was obtained using a window sample borehole rig on a site in one of the most desirable locations in the UK. In more
    Bespoke Residential Redevelopment, South Devon imageBespoke Residential Redevelopment, South Devon image
  • Artificial Lake, Warwickshire

    Often used as a film set for period dramas, it was proposed to create a lake in place of a shallow river, situated in front of a stately home, for aesthetic purposes.In order to provide more
    Artificial Lake, Warwickshire imageArtificial Lake, Warwickshire image
  • Contamination Remediation, Herefordshire

    For a proposed residential development, a Phase 1 Assessment and Phase 2 Site Investigation identified elevated levels of hydrocarbon contamination in the area of some fuel tanks that more
    Contamination Remediation, Herefordshire imageContamination Remediation, Herefordshire image
  • Housing Association Site, Cornwall

    An effervescent (oily) and rusty sheen was noted on water within initial foundation excavations and concern was raised about possible heavy contamination from a former nearby railway more
    Housing Association Site, Cornwall imageHousing Association Site, Cornwall image
  • Commercial Redevelopment, Herefordshire

    A Phase 2 trial pit and window sample borehole investigation was carried out to provide geotechnical and contamination recommendations for a new builders' yard and timber yard, more
    Commercial Redevelopment, Herefordshire imageCommercial Redevelopment, Herefordshire image
  • Satellite Antenna Cover, Hampshire

    A new Radome (protective cover for radar antenna) was needed at this active RAF base. A site investigation was undertaken involving window sample boreholes and dynamic probes, to more
    Satellite Antenna Cover, Hampshire imageSatellite Antenna Cover, Hampshire image
  • Large Residential Development, Shropshire

    Following a full Phase 1 and Phase 2 Ground Investigation and Environmental Assessment, additional testing was carried out to classify the soil for future earthworks purposes.On the side of more
    Large Residential Development, Shropshire imageLarge Residential Development, Shropshire image
  • Earthworks Supervision, Somerset

    A new road, to be adopted by the County Council, was to be constructed as part of a proposed residential estate. The road was to be built on poor ground that required more
    Earthworks Supervision, Somerset imageEarthworks Supervision, Somerset image
  • Mining Investigation, Shropshire

    An initial trial pit site investigation, with in-situ soakaway testing, was undertaken for the proposed development of land for residential purposes. Due to the fact that the site is more
    Mining Investigation, Shropshire imageMining Investigation, Shropshire image
  • Large Residential Development, Devon

    The 7 hectare grounds and buildings of a college are to be redeveloped for residential purposes.A detailed combined Phase 1 Assessment and Phase 2 Site Investigation was carried out on more
    Large Residential Development, Devon imageLarge Residential Development, Devon image
  • New Hospital Accommodation, North Devon

    A comprehensive Phase 2 Site Investigation was undertaken including trial pits, window sample boreholes, in-situ soakaway tests, dynamic cone penetrometer (DCP) tests and laboratory testing more
    New Hospital Accommodation, North Devon imageNew Hospital Accommodation, North Devon image
  • New Fire Station, Devon

    The site history information indicated that in the late 19th and early 20th centuries most of the site was occupied by filter beds, associated with the water works to the east, with ground more
    New Fire Station, Devon imageNew Fire Station, Devon image
  • Residential Redevelopment, Devon

    Rarely used garages in Plymouth are being redeveloped by a Housing Association with the construction of flats. An initial ground investigation was undertaken involving window sample more
    Residential Redevelopment, Devon imageResidential Redevelopment, Devon image
  • New Indoor Cricket Centre for University

    Partly funded by the England and Wales Cricket Board, this project was carried out within tight deadlines.Old maps showed that in the early 1950's the area was levelled to form a more
    New Indoor Cricket Centre for University imageNew Indoor Cricket Centre for University image
  • Former Garage, North Devon

    Seven underground fuel storage tanks were identified; boreholes and contamination laboratory testing indicated that at least one of these had leaked in the past.The contamination risk more
    Former Garage, North Devon imageFormer Garage, North Devon image
  • Single Residential Dwelling, South Devon

    A Phase 1 contamination assessment was required to support the Planning Application to redevelop a small site in the South Hams area of South Devon. It was proposed to demolish an more
    Single Residential Dwelling, South Devon imageSingle Residential Dwelling, South Devon image
  • New Commercial Units, Somerset

    Pad foundations were found to generally be suitable to support the proposed buildings for most of the site. However, at the location of one building, piled foundations would be more
    New Commercial Units, Somerset imageNew Commercial Units, Somerset image
  • Former Petrol Filling Station, Cornwall

    A Phase 2 window sample borehole site investigation was undertaken, based on the findings of a Phase 1 Assessment that identified a number of potential sources of contamination, including& more
    Former Petrol Filling Station, Cornwall imageFormer Petrol Filling Station, Cornwall image