Exeter Cathedral

In-situ California Bearing Ratio (CBR) tests were carried out by Ruddlesden geotechnical to provide information for pavement design, as part of the improvements to the Green at Exeter Cathedral.

The TRL DCP (Transport Road Laboratory Dynamic Cone Penetrometer) was considered the most suitable method of testing at this site. As the cone is only 20mm diameter, minimal site disturbance was caused, and, as the equipment is hand-held, there were minimal risks to members of the public. The test is also quite rapid, so all of the testing was able to be carried out in one day and the results were able to be issued the following day.

Prior to construction, the CBR values obtained from the DCP testing were confirmed by carrying out full-scale in-situ CBR testing in accordance with BS 1377.

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Exeter Cathedral image

Exeter Cathedral image