Former Garage, North Devon

Seven underground fuel storage tanks were identified; boreholes and contamination laboratory testing indicated that at least one of these had leaked in the past.

The contamination risk assessments, which were carried out in accordance with current Environment Agency guidance, demonstrated there to be a potential risk of harm to both human health and controlled waters.

In addition to carrying out a detailed Phase 1 Assessment and Phase 2 Site Investigation, Ruddlesden geotechnical also produced the Phase 3 Contamination Remediation Strategy and subsequent Phase 4 Verification Testing, which included soil and groundwater testing.

Remedial measures included excavation and off-site removal of the underground fuel tanks and contaminated soil and groundwater.

Following remediation, the regulatory sign-offs were obtained to enable the successful sale of the new residential units.

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Former Garage, North Devon image

Former Garage, North Devon image