Geophysical Survey, Torbay

A geophysical survey was undertaken to assist in the design of highway soakaways that were to be adopted by the local authority.

Previous trial pitting and trenching undertaken by Ruddlesden geotehcnical had identified potential solution features in the underlying limestone bedrock, suggesting that ground conditions might be adversely affected by soakaway drainage.  

Resistivity tomography, which images sub-structures from electrical measurements made at the surface, was successfully employed to determine the depth to bedrock, presence and absence of solution features and groundwater level. This enabled soakaways to be redesigned, away from any potential areas of concern, to the satisfaction of the adopting authority.

The geophysics also highlighted that solution features might exist in the ground elsewhere on the development. Similar geophysical surveys are now to be undertaken across the remainder of the site to assist with foundation, road pavement and soakaway design. 

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Geophysical Survey, Torbay image

Geophysical Survey, Torbay image