Large Residential Development, Devon

The 7 hectare grounds and buildings of a college are to be redeveloped for residential purposes.

A detailed combined Phase 1 Assessment and Phase 2 Site Investigation was carried out on behalf of the vendor to identify development costs. The investigation included a desk study and walkover survey, followed by window sample boreholes, trial pits and in-situ soakaway tests.

Some of the buildings present at the time of the investigation were shown on first edition maps.

Foundation recommendations were strip or trench-fill foundations, with deepening where building near trees in accordance with NHBC Standards, chapter 4.2. Foundations would also be built at least 0.20m below any superficial soft deposits, made ground and/ or former foundations, which were to be removed and fully grubbed out.

No radon or landfill gas protective measures were required.

In-situ soakaway testing showed that although some infiltration might be achieved, the ground was not sufficiently permeable for the adoption of soakaway drainage and an alternative drainage solution was recommended.

A contamination risk assessment showed that the levels of contamination recorded in the investigation did not pose a significant possibility of causing significant harm to human health or controlled waters and that no specific remedial measures were required for the proposed residential end use.

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Large Residential Development, Devon image

Large Residential Development, Devon image