Mining Investigation, Shropshire

An initial trial pit site investigation, with in-situ soakaway testing, was undertaken for the proposed development of land for residential purposes.

Due to the fact that the site is underlain by coal-bearing strata, that coal has been recorded at and near the surface in the trial pits, and that the site was located in an area of historic mining activity, further rotary boreholes were carried out to identify the presence or absence of subsurface voids, broken ground and/ or coal seams. A spoil heap was also excavated in order to obtain further information in this part of the site.

The boreholes indicated no subsurface voids to be present to depths of up to 30m, and only thin seams of coal to be present. Deep made ground was encountered during excavations, which was considered to be a potential infilled bell pit.

Stiff edge beam raft foundations were recommended to minimise loadings placed on the ground and to accommodate any minor ground movements.

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Mining Investigation, Shropshire image

Mining Investigation, Shropshire image