Residential Redevelopment, Devon

Rarely used garages in Plymouth are being redeveloped by a Housing Association with the construction of flats.

An initial ground investigation was undertaken involving window sample boreholes, to establish ground conditions and retaining wall parameters. During consultation with the Structural Engineer, a contiguous bored piled retaining wall was considered to provide the most suitable method of retaining wall construction. Further work was then carried out using a combination of windowless sampling and rotary coring techniques to gain further information on the rock into which the piled wall would be founded.

Contamination recorded slightly elevated levels of arsenic and nickel. Physiologically Based Extraction Test (PBET) analysis was carried out and this demonstrated that the recorded levels of contamination were not harmful to human health and that no remedial measures were required. Liaison with the Environmental Health Officer of the local authority led to the discharge of the Planning Condition relating to contaminated land.

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Residential Redevelopment, Devon image

Residential Redevelopment, Devon image