Subsidence Investigations, Torbay

Structural surveys identified evidence of movement for several properties in Paignton and Torquay.

Before any remedial work could be undertaken, the reason(s) for the movement needed to be ascertained. 

Machine and hand excavated trial pits with in-situ and laboratory testing were carried out at each property over the course of a week to expose existing foundations. A cctv drain survey was also carried out at each property to identify any broken drains.

The investigation identified the most likely cause of movement to be a result of insufficient foundation depths and/ or insufficient bearing capacity of the founding stratum, in some cases as a result of a broken drain causing softening of the surrounding soil. Further investigation might also prove solution weathering to have played a role in some structural movement.

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Subsidence Investigations, Torbay image

Subsidence Investigations, Torbay image