Wind Turbine Farm, Mid Devon

Since signing up to the EU Renewable Energy Directive, the UK has adopted a target of 15% of energy from renewable sources by 2020.

Further to this, Ruddlesden geotechnical ltd were approached to provide foundation recommendations for 9 No. 120m high wind turbines and associated infrastructure, including approximately 4.2km of new access track, upgrade of 1.8km of existing track, a construction compound, an electrical substation, a level crossing, a permanent met mast and a new junction off site.

Following a detailed desk study and walkover survey, site investigation work included deep trial pits and combined percussive and rotary boreholes, with in-situ and laboratory testing.

Detailed recommendations were provided for foundation and track design, which reduced the risk of foundation problems to a level acceptable to the client. The report contained recommendations on particular aspects of wind turbine foundation design.

Installations within the boreholes have enabled long-term monitoring of the particularly high and variable groundwater levels, to provide seasonal information for the construction schedule.

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Wind Turbine Farm, Mid Devon image

Wind Turbine Farm, Mid Devon image