Wind Turbine Farm, South Wales

A coal mining ground investigation was undertaken for a proposed wind farm development within the South Wales Coalfield, in an area where extensive mining is known to have taken place in the past.

Following a detailed desk study, the intrusive investigation was undertaken  to determine the extent of rock cover at the proposed turbine locations and to determine the depth and extent of any shallow coal seams/ underground workings along the route of a proposed service track.

21 No. boreholes were formed to depths of up to 40m using rotary open hole drilling techniques. Borehole gamma and density geophysical logging was also undertaken to supplement the geologist's logs,  to provide additional sub-surface information unobtainanble from surface logging.

Sufficient rock cover was shown to be present at all of the proposed turbine locations. However, along a section of the proposed access track, the depth of two shallow outcropping coal seams was confirmed, with some significant mine workings being encountered. This information allowed the engineer to assess the extent of remedial works necessary in this area and to favourably route the access track.

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Wind Turbine Farm, South Wales image

Wind Turbine Farm, South Wales image